Top 10 Healthy girls’ night snacks

Healthy girls’ night snacks: To know it read the full article. Hey guys I am Katie and tonight is girls’ night so one of my goals for this year is to spend more time with my girlfriends.

I’m having a few over tonight. And I wanted to share with you some of my favorite easy super simple recipes so that you can have a fun and healthier girls’ night snack.

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Top 10 Healthy girls’ night snacks

So first we’re going to start with a healthy cocktail that is LSF-approved. Yes, you can say they are healthy-ish as well as a no-bake cookie.

That’s super simple. Then we will tell discuss almond butter cookies and popcorn recipes. They are very good. I have taken all of my ingredients from milk and eggs.

Furthermore, I give an online delivery service at home. It’s right to your front door so I don’t have to actually go out and grocery shop.

I have put high-quality ingredients in all of our foods like farm-fresh deliciousness. They’re in the LA Orange County area. So if you guys live around here, you definitely have to try them out.

That is why, Please go to my website and order through this. But for now, let’s get started with a healthy girls’ night snack.

Furthermore, I will tell you the process of making them with a live example. For this please watch this video of mine.

1. Cocktail Drinks

So first and foremost we’re going to start with our cocktail and I’m using my one hope Brut with sparkling wine. look how cute these napkins and coasters are.

We’ll use custom sizes perfectly. we’re a girl’s night. So we’re going to start this is a melon bubbly.

I got this raw watermelon and lemon and mint juice is a  pressed juice from milk and eggs.

And it is so good by itself. Even better in this little cocktail and then how cute is this little shaker from Target? 

So you threw some ice in there and I’m going to add the juice.

So depends on how many of these you’re making and what videos going to do like people parts juice and then equal parts vodka.

If you’re using it, you can always measure this out. Shake it up when that ISO gets nice and cold.

And then just pour it into the glass. Look how cute that color is. 

Alright so pop that bottle and you’re just going to top the drink with some bubbles.

If you’re making us a mocktail, you can just use sparkling soda.

So just do the juice with some sparkling soda and you’ll get the same yummy flavor. Effect Cheers perfect girly drink okay?

Healthy girls' night snacks

2. Healthy Snacks Hummus

Cheese boards are way overrated. it’s way too easy to sit there and not an entire board.

And eat a bunch of bread and cheese.  I’m so bloated and gross after so. 

I’m going to show you a simple way to put together a snack board that has some cheese.

But you can feel guilt-free in  Casey’s closing.

So I got a bunch of different ingredients again from milk and eggs. 

These almonds have a  really yummy spicy blend of seasoning on them.

Some hummus raw cheese is much easier on my belly with my thyroid tissues.

So we’re going to start with celery which is like the go-to vegetable. 

Because it doesn’t really taste like anything. And it’s a perfect vessel. You put really anything on it and enjoy it without the guilt of processed crackers and a little bit of honey hurt.

Nobody there’s a lot of honey happening in tonight’s cheese board and snacks.

But it’s all good to cut up the cucumber which again it’s kind of like celery where it doesn’t have too much flavor going on these almonds are really really good again. 

If you’re going to pick flavored almonds, Make sure that they’re spicy or have a seasoning, not like a sweetness.

Because of that added sugar that you don’t need its cute little corn and sweet peas. Then this will be really yummy spicy hummus

That is so delicious I like spicy. and  I’m just going to cut up a little bit of cheese.

The cheese is like an addition to the board and is not the main star.

I have some figs and it’s a perfect little snack board. You can enjoy it while  I’m making the other treat.

No bake cookies and these are based on a recipe that my mom used to make for us growing up.

She called them craft cookies. And you’ll see why in a few minutes need for preparing.

But they’re super simple to make. You don’t have to bake them and they are so delicious definitely a little treat and splurge.

But you get that sweet chocolaty sniff that you need without a bunch of extra ingredients.

Healthy girls' night snacks

3. Almond  butter cookies

We have coconut honey oats and some cocoa-nut oil. then just almond butter so I’m going to start with about 1/4 cup of coconut oil.

It is maybe a little bit more. drop that in the bowl. Then I’m using half a cup of this almond butter. 

You can also use peanut butter or whatever you’re feeling like that.

But I love almond butter.  And if you guys haven’t noticed surfaces. It’s like your first time watching one of my recipes.

Use eyeball everything. You can definitely use exact measurements though if you need.

But about 1/2 a cup of this. The honey where needs about 1/4 cup.  So drop that in the bowel.

Then you’re going to use equal parts of honey and cocoa powder.

This is an unsweetened cocoa powder. So add 1/4 cup of the cocoa powder again. If you want to attach a chocolatier. You can also add more.

Now I’m just going to stir it up using the mixer. You can always do this in a  blender or food processor.

it just makes it a lot easier to get it mixed together.

Now work your arms and do it by hand. Now put the eyeball in the bowel. So it’s going to be about a cup.  

Now I’m just going to dump those in there. Mix it all up again. Blend ease these get really messy. 

I definitely did not pick the right size Bowl for this.  So see forewarn you might have a little cleanup on your hands.

 Just check the consistency. Mix it around if you want like a little bit thick. but be able to like to stir it easily and you’re going to plop them on.

See why performs all them crabs cookie. So block them on there. They don’t have to be perfect if you really want to make them a perfect circle.

Go for it and then you’re going to stick them in a freezer for about 15 minutes.

And once you’re done. you’ll just store them in the fridge to keep them nice and solidus together. 

Ladies' night snack ideas
Ladies’ night snack ideas

4. Popcorn recipes

Next, we will make our delicious coconut and almond butter popcorn recipe.

So you’re just going to start with coconut oil, almond butter, and chocolate chips.  Again I always go with like 70%  dark or darker even like 85.

So you’re getting like clean chocolate. You can find and then just a few popcorn kernels. These are like little tiny ones. You can use any popcorn kernels.

But take about a tablespoon of the coconut oil that you’re going to put in a pan. Drop it in there.

And get it nice and melted over like medium-high. Once the oil is melted. Drop in just like three or four kernels.

And you’re going to wait until those kernels pop. And that’s how you know the time for the rest. So drop in a quarter cup of the rest of the popcorn kernels.

You can lower the heat or even take it off heat. And then put a lid on it. If you need a towel, you don’t burn your hands. Shake it up.

Let it sit for a second. Keep shaking it again. Once there’s like a second or two in between pops. 

And you know it’s done or if you’re like about to pop the lid off. Top and pull it out that way. It won’t burn. 

Then let it sit for a  second. You’re going to take about a  tablespoon or two of chocolate chips and a tablespoon of almond butter.

Again use peanut butter, cashew butter whatever you’re feeling put in the microwave for like 30 seconds until the chocolate chips get a little melty. 

And mix it all together and then drop that popcorn from the bowl into a pot. Now mix the melty chocolate with popcorn. 

Now shake it around and make it a little bit better.  Just a  little more and you’re not going to use all the chocolate sauce. Now this recipe is fully prepared. 

Now you can just store it in the fridge with the extra sauce. Then I’ll just put a little salt on the rest of the popcorn. So you just have a plain one. 

I cannot wait to get down on this popcorn right here. But I’m going to be good and wait for my friends to get here.

I will enjoy this recipe with my girlfriend. Besides I am telling you more about the list of healthy late-night snacks.

snacks for girlfriend 

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Ladies’ night snack ideas। finger foods for ladies’ night। snacks for girlfriend 

5. Oatmeal Snack for ladies

What is the best midnight snack? I think Oatmeal is one of the best midnight snacks for girlfriends.

Though it is taken in the morning, women also take this food at night. There are several benefits of this food.

It can control your sugar and blood pressure. Oatmeal is rich in vitamins and protein which are very helpful to keep your body fit.

These vitamins and minerals are copper, biotin, vitamin B1, phosphorus, and manganese. There are many kinds of oats you will get in the market.

These are steel-cut oat, and rolled oats. Now you may ask me from where it is cultivated.

Some people cultivated this in ancient China. After that this food spread around the world. As a girl, you should eat this.

6. Homemade Peanut Butter Recipe

It is one of the most common healthy girls’ night snacks in America as well as in the world. The snack is super simple to prepare.

The ingredients of this recipe are ground peanuts, sugar, salt, and fat. With the help of these ingredients, you can easily prepare peanut butter snacks.

Furthermore, you can also use runner peanuts on the contrary of ground peanuts.

Because runner peanuts have an authentic color and flavor that make the snack really fantastic. That is why girls love this night snack.

How will we eat this snack?

You can eat this snack in various ways. Now I will discuss a little bit about this.

You can eat this snack with sauce. That is why you have to mix it with sauce.

After that, you can complete your dinner with the help of this.

Secondly, you can also eat peanut butter with a salad. It is so tasty that I will never forget it in my life.

For this reason, prepare a salad first. Then add peanut butter.

Thirdly, you can eat this attached with Granola. This process is also super simple.

Fourthly, add peanut butter with fruits. After that, you can accomplish your snack at night.

I hope you have understood the method of eating.

7. Rice cake recipe 

The rice cake recipe is also one of the popular night snacks for girls in America.

It is very tasty and simple to prepare. Actually, It is known as a homemade rice cake recipe. Rice cake is full of vitamins and protein.

That is why women love to eat this cake recipe at night. The girls who are problems in high calories, you can take this.

Because it is low in calories. Furthermore, you will fiber elements which are very helpful for the human body.

For making this recipe,  please watch the video which is about making a rice cake recipe.

8. Healthy potato snacks recipes

It is one of the most common snack ideas for ladies’ night. You can prepare different types of snacks from potatoes.

These are skilled pork hash, pizza cup snacks, crispy fish snacks, and potato cauliflower curry.

You can make any snacks at night and enjoy them with your friends.

Furthermore, you can also eat potatoes with onions, bacon, curry powder, butter, cauliflower, eggs, and chicken.

9. Cereal And Milk night snacks 

It is one of the good snacks for girls’ night. Cereal and milk are considered healthy snacks. Because this snack is full of vitamins and proteins.

Furthermore, you will get various types of nutrients in this food. Research is shown that 46 percent of the people of America love these snacks.

This snack has become very popular for its deliciousness. Now you can ask me what is a good midnight snack for weight loss. The answer is you can also lose weight by eating this snack at night.

10. Healthy nut snack recipes

This is also one of the common Girls’ night snacks in America. There are various kinds of nut snacks are available in the market.

These are hazelnuts, walnuts, cashew nuts, pistachios nuts, and almonds. These are very useful for our health.

All nuts hold various types of vitamins, minerals, omega-3 fatty acids, and antioxidant elements.

That is why, girls lobe this at night for their dinner.

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I hope you have known the top 10 healthy girls’ night snacks. See in briefly them.

1. Cocktail Drinks

2. Healthy Snacks Hummus

3. Almond  butter cookies

4. Popcorn recipes

5. Oatmeal Snack for ladies

6. Homemade Peanut Butter Recipe

7. Rice cake recipe 

8. Healthy potato snacks recipes

9. Cereal And Milk night snacks

10. Healthy nut snack recipes

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