13 soft dry food for cats with bad teeth

Soft Dry Food For Cats With Bad Teeth: To know it read the full article. 

Best dry foods mean one kind of food that is suitable for your cats as it is prepared to be soft and doesn’t have to be crispy like other kinds of dry foods.

This kind of food assists you to keep your kitten’s teeth hygienic. As the food is delicate it assists to remove harmful substances without any erosion on teeth or teeth-connected parts of the mouth.

There are several advantages of taking delicate food. These items are enriched with fiber that creates fewer chasms as this item provides less sugar and maximum foods for the cat having less sugar.

It can be a better option for your dear kittens as this item is enriched with protein and many other main nutrients are also available.

These items are salubrious for your kitten providing essential elements to be sound. It is simply eating for your kitten and works surprisingly. 

These dry foods provide essential elements to make strong the weak or bad teeth of kittens. If your kitten faces the same problem, you can try to provide the necessary nutrients to your dear kitten.

To feed your kitten wet the dry food to be dedicated. Many pet lovers choose this food for their kitten’s ingestion. However, it is your choice to feed your kitten this delicate food or not.

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There are numerous essential elements in food and you should search for them for your aged cats with bad teeth.

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1) Abundant Bases of Protein

You can select your kitten’s food that has abundant bases of protein. If your kitten remains in the inner parts of the house you can prefer these protein-based items as it is not used to consume a huge amount of foods like a wild one.

One type of protein contains one type of amino acid. So you should meet up your kitten’s protein deficiency from various protein-based foods. It is one of the most urgent nutrients for your kitten with bad teeth.

2) Simply Ingestible Foods Merely

If your kitten suffers from ingestion problem and also suffer various health intricate problem. 

What will be proper footsteps for your kitten? First, you need to prefer simply ingestible foods for your dear kitten. Keeping this problem in your mind, you can select foods that contain low fat.

Because ingesting high-fat food will be difficult for your kitten.

3) Select Foods Containing the Proper Amount of Fibre

If your kitten is aged enough then it will be better to select foods that contain fiber for your dear kittens. Fiber is helpful to improve the whole health of your kitten.

Why do you select fiber for your kitten? Because fiber improves your kitten’s ingestion, ensures its continuation, and so on. Another benefit, it assists to reduce weight. If your kitten is too fat, then fiber is an appropriate food item for your kitten.

4) Foods Containing Elevated Protein 

It is an excellent concept to provide elevated protein to a cat having no teeth. The firmness of these foods assists to remove harmful substances from the kitten’s teeth.

You can displace your kitten one day by eating with a bucket of this food that can assist to dispel your kitten’s verbal illnesses and make your kitten sound.

5) Salubrious Equality of Nutriments 

Usually, you desire to pursue equality of foods for your kitten. For ensuring a proper repast you have to be alert to provide your kitten a food that has all food values perfectly.

Because too many nutriments may harm your kitten. Some foods contain too much protein, some are with too much fiber, and so on. You need to take food moderately from various bases.

For this, you can select food that contains a proper quantity of omega-3, fatty acids, minerals, and vitamins. 

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13 soft dry food for cats with bad teeth

soft dry food for cats with bad teeth
soft dry food for cats with bad teeth

1) Sheba perfect portions pate wet cat food tray variety pack: Food for cats with dental problems

Sheba is one of the common soft dry food for cats with bad teeth. This food is accurate as it is enriched with quantified nutrient elements.

You can serve this food to your kitten that has wasted its tooth. It assists to make your kitten’s bones and teeth robust and also ensures the continuation of your kitten. 

This food is enriched with vitamins and minerals that are essential for kittens. Besides, it assists to reduce ill- respiration and teeth-related problems.

If your kitten needs nutrimental elements, then you can simply prefer this food for your dear kitten. By taking it, your kitten’s health will be grown positively. Purchase from Amazon.

2) VETRISCIENCE Perio Support Teeth Cleaning Powder for Cats and Dogs: Dry cat food for sensitive teeth

This soft dry food is essential for kittens with bad teeth as it assists to remove harmful substances and incrustation from teeth.

Undoubtedly it is prepared with 100% genuine chicken and the chicken protein has been separated to supply 30% fresh protein in each dishing up. And finally, it can be said that it improves to be a sound hearted.

The taste of cheese is available in this food and the kitten will show more eagerness for this taste.

Your kitten with bad teeth can take this food and simply it can be considered a sampling food for your dear kitten.

Your kitten is aged or not? It doesn’t matter because this food is perfect for every aged kitten.

3) Greenies Feline Natural Dental Care Cat Treats: Best cat food for dental problems

This product is prepared with fresh ingredients and is also delicious for your kitten. As it is prepared with fresh ingredients, then undoubtedly it can be said that it will assist your cat to be more sound.

Besides its freshness, it is slightly delicious that doesn’t totally discourage your kitten to take it.

It also assists to remove harmful substances from your kitten’s teeth. 

So considering its taste you have to slightly force your kitten to take it if your cat has some major problems with bad teeth and so on.

It supplies some additional energy to your kitten. It contains DHA omega fatty acids and calcium that assist to improve your kitten’s overall health and strengthening the bones. Purchase from Amazon.

4) Iams proactive health healthy senior dry cat food, chicken flavor:  Soft senior cat food

The name of this food indicates that it is an accurate food for the aged cat with bad teeth.

It assists your kitten to be fresh-mouthed and improves the respiration problem by removing the poisonous substances from the mouth.

If your kitten has apathy for taking food, then it can be considered the finest option for your cat. Because it supplies the elementary food elements to your kitten to be sound.

5) Purina Veterinary Diets Feline Instinct With Savor: Soft chew cat food

This food supplies first-rated nutriments for a positive improvement to your kitten. The odor of this food influences the cat which seems to imitate hunting.

And that’s why the food is attracted by your kitten. This food assists to develop absorption and is free from various diseases.

Besides, it also contains protein especially salmon protein that assists to improve the weight of your kitten. If your kitten gradually loses its weight.

Then what incentives should be taken? At this time you can choose this food for your kitten as it is enriched with a fish protein known as first-rated protein. By taking this, your kitten will start gaining weight.

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6) Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Food, Adult, Oral Care, Chicken Recipe:  Cat food for older cats with bad teeth

This food contains protein, carbohydrates,s, and fiber. So this food can be a perfect food for your kitten. In this food, the proportion of protein is 28% and carbohydrate is 85%.

Protein and carbohydrates assist your kitten to be sound and the fiber ensures the continuation of your cat.

This food is also enriched with vitamins and minerals that improve your kitten’s overall health. By taking this food, your kitten surely feels better and strong.

It ensures the kitten’s mouth is sound, and to firm the teeth and bones, this food works excellently. It is enriched with proteins of first rated such as salmon, whitefish, turkey, and lamb.

That’s why this food can be considered as a grand root of nutriments that is compulsory for a kitten to be healed.

7) Instinct Raw Boost Grain Free Dry Cat Food

This food supplies a proportionate meal to your kitten that assists to gain perfect weight. It perfected the kitten’s absorption system and also assists to be freed from various diseases.

It is a genuine product without any synthetic color, or smell, and most important matter that no protective elements are used in this food. Besides, it is a corn-free product.

This product is totally containing phytochemicals. What are the benefits of phytochemicals?

Actually, it assists your kitten’s alimentary tract health, creating this food an awesome one for any aged kitten prominently for older cats.

Besides all these, this food is also connected with the ph quantity and it keeps the ph of your kitten’s mouth at a proper level. I think it is the best cat food for senior cats with bad teeth.

8) Soft kibble cat food: Royal Canin Feline Health Nutrition Oral Sensitive 

It can be a better option for your kittens with bad teeth as it controls the bad smell of respiration and also reduces the harmful substances in the mouth.

It is prepared with first-rated elements such as tuna, salmon, whitefish, and so on. To ensure its quality, this food is produced in Europe.

As to producing this food, first-rated items have been picked, so you can be sure about the value of this food. 

This food will assist your kitten to be perfectly weighted with accurate food nutrients and efforts.

It is an actual kind of food for the elder cats who have wasted their teeth and require first-rated nutriments. 

9) Dry cat food for older cats with teeth problems: Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Food Oral Care Adult

This food is amplified with such elements that assist to cleanse the inside part of the mouth of your kitten and remove poisonous substances and renewing respiration.

It is filled with vitamins, minerals, and other main nutrients that are urgently needed for your kitten to be overall sound.

This food will be on the higher part of the elder kitten’s preferable foods list. The cats who are without teeth and have apathy for food, this one can be the finest option.

It supplies such elements to the kitten which are required for the kitten’s overall oral improvement and is also delicious for the cats to take it.

The benefits of this food are not limited to oral development, it also assists to sustain muscle levels and health conditions.

This is the finest food for your kitten as it doesn’t contain proteins of chicken, it contains fish proteins such as whitefish, turkey, salmon, beef, and lamb.

Approximately 17 nutrients are available in this food. If you want your kitten to take 17 elements at a time, you can prefer this product for your dear pet. By eating this your pet will be naturally sound.

10) Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets Ideal Balance For Cats Dry Formula Nutrition 

This food is whole corn and also contains less fat which assists your kitten to be perfectly weighted. It is enriched with nutrients but its calorie level is very few.

So it assists the kitten to be fit physically. Most of the time old cats face a deficiency of nutrients. You can take this food for your old cat that has no tooth and faces various health problems.

For this type of cat, special care should be taken. This food is a perfect combination of all types of nutrients. So it can be considered as a sampling food for your dear pet cat.

If your cat face irregularity, this food acts as a tonic for the cat. It supplies such elements that assist to be assimilated at a higher speed.

It solves all problems such as the digestive tract that are related to assimilation. This soft dry food reduces the constipation problem fully. As a result, your cat can be relieved from the irregularity problem.

You can provide this food as a whole meal to your kitten. Your cat will not take it hugely on its own. So you don’t have to worry about your cat’s weight.

Rather by taking these nutrients your cat will be overall sound. This moistens dry food will be greatly benefitted for your cat.

11) Purina Fancy Feast Gravy Lovers Poultry & Beef Feast Collection Wet Cat Food 

It is one of the most popular foods for cats with bad teeth problems. Now a question may come to your mind what type of food it is?

Actually, this is a moist type of meal. You will get various types of ingredients that are very important for a cat’s teeth.

These are zinc sulfate, ferrous sulfate, vitamin e supplement, magnesium sulfate, turkey, liver and wheat gluten, and soy flour. Purchase from Amazon.

12) Purina ONE Sensitive Skin & Stomach with Real Turkey, Natural Adult Dry Cat Food

This is one of the best cat food for dental problems. It will help to care for your cat’s skin and stomach.

It is such a food that is full of useful elements. High protein is one of them. Besides, you will get turkey flavor in this food.

The interesting thing is that your cat can easily digest this food. Various types of nutrients you will get in this food.

13) ACANA grain-free soft Dry Cat Food

This is also a soft dry food for cats with bad teeth. This food is also rich in vitamins and minerals. This food is full of antioxidants.

That is why it can develop your kitten’s immune process. It is prepared from some crucial ingredients. These are tapioca and potato.

Acana is also grain-free cat food. You will never get any artificial colors. Rather all elements are genuine. So, I recommend you buy this food for cats so that your cat’s teeth can be good. 

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You can prefer several steps to obstruct the dental problems of your cat. Here are some points by following them, you can simply obstruct Cats’ dental problems:

1) Served kitten’s food with clean water 

Never serve your cat without cleansing your hand. Try to use hot water and soap to cleanse your hand. After cleansing your hand waits some time to be waterless your hand.

Serve them cleanse water so that no harmful substances can contain in it. Don’t utilize fluoridize flask water as this water contains poisonous substances and can create an excessive dental problem for your cat.

2) Use a Brush to clean your cat’s teeth

At least brush your kitten’s teeth twice a week. You can use those brushes that are made for pet animals.

Foods that are crispy and hard can assist to reduce strong levels in the kitten’s teeth.

Without concern about their moistened foods, you should be more concerned about their drinking water, and serving plate.

Because through these things, harmful bacteria can easily attack them and their dental problem may be increased. 

If your cat faces serious dental problems, What steps do you have to be taken? If you notice a such problem you should consult a veterinarian for your dear cat.

3) Melted Food For Cats With Bad Teeth

You can assist your cat to sustain well teeth with melted food. It is a simple way to keep your kitten’s teeth well and is explicated with prominent elements to improve your cats healthy completely. 

Some melted elements for cats with bad teeth are given below:

Select that melted food that is enriched with vitamins and minerals. Vitamins and minerals are comprised of calcium, vitamin, iodine, phosphorus, sodium, chloride, magnesium and manganese,  vitamin C and so many elements.

Cats needed these elements to continue their physical activities exactly. These elements also have great significance in sustaining a perfect weight. Fiber assists to improve the assumption system of your cat.

These foods keep phytochemicals at a proper level to assist your digestive system to be improved. Proteins from chicken, fish, and eggs improve the health to be sound and powerful muscles.

Phospholipids protect your kitty from several diseases. Less fat milk is essential for your kitten as it contains omega-3 fatty acids.

This melted food is formed with genuine elements to improve the inner side of kittens’ mouths, together with:

Xylitol which is sweet in taste assists to decrease incrustation on the teeth. It doesn’t contain artificial sugar, so it also assists to cleanse the teeth.


benefits of taking soft dry food for cats with bad teeth
soft dry food for cats with bad teeth

Stored baby food is a simple food to serve your cat. Some features prove baby food can be a better alternative for cats with bad teeth. 

Baby Food is a better choice instead of kittens’ moistened food. It can be regarded as the finest option if your kitten takes the baby food moderately as its own desire.

It is a normal tendency of cats to take food at various times of the day, though it is not hunger-bitten.

If your kitten suffers from toothaches or other physical problems, moisten baby food can be a better option for the kitten. 

By offering baby food you can easily identify the level of your kitten’s pain in its teeth. Is it comfortable to take food or drink something or not?

You can take baby food in a bowl to serve your cat and this process will assist to treat your kitten with proper prescript. You don’t need to show authority on your cat to take something that is not tasty enough.

Undoubtedly this baby food is a better option for elder cats that have no teeth.

Because this food is not hard or crispy like other food. So the cat without teeth can consume these foods easily without any toothache.


I think you have known soft dry food for cats with bad teeth. Your kitten’s happiness is most important to you.

Isn’t it? Tooth-related problems can hamper your kitten’s happiness as well as yours. So what is to be taken?

You need to take some steps early to less serious problems to happen. But what will you do if your kitten’s teeth are already in the worsened stage?

First, you have to remove the ruins of food that are stuck into the teeth of your kitten. You also have to be alert to the hygienic matter of teeth of your kitten.

By following these steps, your kitten can be relieved from these toothaches and the overall physical problems will be decreased. And so your kitten will be more sound than before.

I wish you all will be benefitted by following all of these things for your kitten. Everyone knows a proverb that prevention is better than cure.

You should be alert to care for your kittens’ teeth before it being hugely damaged. Is it enough to take care of your kitten? Or Not?

I want to listen from you. Please suggest to me by comments. Be on the foodtips24 website for getting the latest updates and follow our Facebook page. Furthermore, you can watch the latest video that is given below.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is there any delicate dry food cat food?

Obviously, you can find it available on market. 

How do I learn what is bad teeth in cats?

If you have a cat with bad teeth you have to consult a vet as soon as possible. Cats that have few teeth, 3 or 4 teeth missing from the total amount must be nourished by hand.

A vet can examine the kitten’s teeth and cleanse them perfectly. After examining the teeth if the problem still exists, the kittens need X-rays and CT scan to identify which the problem is. Actually, it is the best way to treat your kitten.

In which way I can nourish my kitten with bad teeth?

 Soft cat food can be served to your kitten. Hard and crispy food has to be avoided. Because this hard food can increase the pain of your kitten’s teeth.

It also creates neck problems if they can eat up too much food at a time. At this time, you need to clean the inner side of the mouth of your kitten perfectly.

In which way I can nourish my kitten with dental problems?

Natural, moisten food is the finest option for this problem. If you serve processed food to your kitten then you have to supply enough water with various bowls so that your kitten drinks water whenever it’s needed.

What food I should serve to my elder kitten with bad teeth? 

Naturally, if your kitten faces the problem of toothache which means having bad teeth, you have to serve delicate food to your kitten.

This type of food will be more relaxing for them during this problem. Besides, there will be no risk of neck aches from stocking foods. You can also serve them baby food.

What is the finest bucket for cats? 

The bucket for the cats should be the finest one. The authentic one is appropriate for your kitten. A more authentic bucket to serve food is better for your cat!

Can dry food be served to a toothless cat?

Simply yes, you can serve it. Naturally, what do you think about it? Is it the perfect food for your toothless cat? Obviously not.

The parts of dry food can be stuck in the inner side of the mouth. It’s a better concept to serve your cat with soft cat food.

Can hard food be served to a cat?

Definitely not. You shouldn’t choose those foods that create problems to consume for your cat. Serving hard and crispy food is not a good idea for your cat. So please avoid these foods for your cat.

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