6 Vet-approved homemade cat food recipes for kidney disease

Vet-approved homemade cat food recipes for kidney disease: To know it read the full article. Many cats have kidney problems.

That is why they need to eat proper foods regularly. As a result, your cost will be reduced. Furthermore, your cat will get vitamins and protein from them.

In America, some people love to make kitten food at home. In today’s article, I will tell you the process of the best three homemade cat food for kidney disease.

Before telling the methods, I will discuss what is kidney disease. How does it impact cats?  Actually, the work of the kidneys is collecting toxins from the bloodstream.

These dangerous toxins are removed by urine. Everyone also knows that urine originated from the kidneys. Furthermore, every animal also has kidneys like humans.

But they have only one. When the kidneys stop working, the cats fall into dangerous problems. As a result, the toxins of cats will never come out.

For this reason, their organ, liver, and brain will be hampered. Kidney failure also leads to death. There are many signs of kidney disease.

When you see your kitten drinking water very much, then you take it as a problem of kidney disease. Furthermore, you will see your kitten is urinating quickly which is abnormal.

It is also a symptom of kidney disease. Vomiting, weight loss, and weakness are common signs of kidney disease. Sometimes your cat feels lethargy.

Besides, it did not like to eat on time. For decreasing the strain on the kitten’s kidneys, you can feed them wet Food.

One thing is to keep in mind that it is not the ultimate treatment for kidney disease. 

Actually, it only decreases the improvement of the problems. Furthermore, you can also treat them by changing their food menus.

For the functioning of the kidneys properly, you must feed protein and vitamin meals so that they can be good quickly.

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Will it be appropriate to feed homemade cat food with kidney disease?

Of course, you should feed homemade cat food to your kittens. I hope you are aware of those foods which are made commercially.

Because, if you feed your kitten a small amount, it will be ok. But feeding more food may impact bad results on your kitten’s body.

Some ingredients of those foods are artificial. That is why I recommend you feed homemade cat food if there is no evidence of safety.

But research is shown that animals feel better eating homemade food as well as cats also feel better eating homemade cat food.

My friend jammy told me how we understand that homemade cat food is free from harmful elements. Actually, when you cook this food in your kitchen, you should wash everything.

Besides,  you should feed those foods which are full of protein, fat, and carbohydrates.

These kinds of foods are effective for all cats as well as for kidney diseases. Furthermore, you can feed these foods with a diet. It will be very effective.

 Vet-approved homemade cat food recipes for kidney disease

In today’s article, I will tell you the best three homemade cat food which rich in protein and vitamins.

But one thing you should keep in mind is that at the time of suffering kidney disease problem, you should not feed canned foods, poultry meals, and meat.

Because these kinds of foods lead your cat to other health problems. Furthermore, you must ignore feeding premade cat foods.

These are also harmful to your kitten. So, you should not maintain these foods in your kitten’s diet.

To get good health for your cat, you have to feed such foods which are full of protein and nutrition.

As a result, your kitten will get energy and power. Besides, he will always remain good.

To stay healthy, your cats are required to be fed homemade food. Here I have discussed three homemade recipes which are given below.

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1.  Chicken And Rice: Homemade cat food recipes for kidney failure

For preparing this recipe, you require some ingredients. These are 30-gram vegetables, 150-gram chicken breast, and 60-gram brown rice.

Furthermore, you also need 1 tablespoon of olive oil, 1 gram of calcium carbonate, Taurine, Salt, and pepper.

How to cook this recipe 

Firstly, dice vegetables and add with rice.

Secondly, attach olive oil, blend well and stand for about 10 minutes.

Thirdly, place the rice with the Chicken breast in the entrails. Mix taurine, salt, and pepper.

Now blend them very well. Now your homemade kitten foods are prepared.

2. Tuna And Rice: Vet-approved homemade cat food recipes

For making this dish, you also need some elements. These are 30-gram brown rice, 50-gram vegetables for kittens, and 200-gram fresh or frozen tuna.

Furthermore, you also require 1 tablespoon olive oil, and 1 gelatin capsule with 300 mg calcium. Besides you need Salt and pepper,  and Taurine. The ratio of taurine must be 0.5%.

How to prepare this dish  

Firstly, you have to clean the tuna and take it away if it is iced.

Secondly, place rice in the entrails, attach tuna and blend well.

Thirdly, attach olive oil and gelatine capsule and blend well properly.

Fourthly, attach salt, taurine, and pepper for getting a taste.

Finally, your kitten’s food is prepared for feeding.

3. Chicken And multivitamins: Homemade low phosphorus cat food

For preparing chicken and multivitamins recipes, you will also require some crucial ingredients.

These are 1 teaspoon vitamin C or E powder, and 150-gram multivitamins for kittens, the ratio of taurine will be 0.6%.

Furthermore, you also require 1 tablespoon of olive oil, 4 dried apricots, 100-gram tuna, and 100-gram chicken breast.

How to prepare this menu

Firstly, place tuna, vitamin c or e, and olive oil in the entrails and blend well until it is mixed properly.

Secondly, dice the chicken breast, apricots and add them and blend properly.

Thirdly, attach multivitamins and blend all ingredients properly.

Finally, your homemade kitten food is prepared. Now you should preserve this recipe in the fridge.

I think you have got some idea about homemade menus that I have mentioned the process of cooking.

The choice can be different for different kittens. So, what your kitten is like you may know well.

I suggest you choose homemade cat food for kidney disease as a type of solution.

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4. Beef and Rice: Best cat food for kidney disease

This recipe is very delicious for cats. Besides, it is a very cheap price. Actually, I mean you the ingredients of this recipe.

For preparing this dish, you must require some equipment and ingredients. First I will tell you about the equipment.

These are big saucepans, containers, spoons,s and rice cookers. The ingredients of this recipe are 1 lb diced meat, 1 cup white rice, and 4 oz liver diced.

Besides you require 1 tablespoon of vegetable oil, minerals, and salt.

How to cook this recipe? 

Firstly, warm the vegetables in a big saucepan.

Secondly, attach the diced beef and liver to the saucepan. Now cook the meat and blend well.

Thirdly, prepare the rice until it is soft. As a result, your kitten can digest it very easily.

Fourthly, mix meat, rice, salt, and mineral in the entrails. And blend them well.

Finally, your food is prepared by dividing portions. Now preserve this food in the container.

5. Bean and Carrot homemade recipe

It is very simple to prepare this recipe. For preparing this dish, you require some elements which are full of protein and minerals.

The elements are two tablespoons of green beans, two tablespoons of carrots, and two eggs. Carrots and beans should be diced.

Furthermore, you need 2 eggs and chicken breast. One thing is to keep in mind that chicken must be baked and diced.

Besides, you will also be in need of 2 or 3 cups of white rice, 1 tablespoon of olive oil, half a teaspoon of fish oil, mineral, and salt. Remember rice should be prepared and iced.

How to cook this recipe

Firstly, blend all the ingredients very well and prepare them for cooking in a preheated frypan.

Cook well very much until the egg is mushy.

Secondly, iced them and divide every portion of the meal for preservation in the entrails.

Thirdly, before attaching flavors, add fish oil supplement with them

Finally, give various types of flavors in this recipe. Now your homemade cat food is prepared.

6. Beef and salmon homemade cat food recipe

This homemade cat food holds meats that are tasty for kittens. You will get several types of ingredients that are full of vitamins and proteins.

For preparing this recipe, you have to buy beef and salmon from the market. After that, you can make it very easily at home.

This cat food will help the cat to be healthy and good. All ages of cats can take this recipe for good health.

Is chicken better for your kitten with kidney failure?

If you cook chicken and turkey at your home for your kitten with kidney disease, it will be better for your kitten.

You will be astonished at knowing that this kind of food holds various types of protein. As a result, your kitten’s kidney will be remaking.

Besides they can be free from this dangerous disease. But one thing is to keep in mind that everything must be fresh that you cook at home.

After that, you will be safe from food poisoning. Whenever you cook this food, you have to be careful about the Authentication of this.

Every chicken should be organic. Otherwise, it will very much affect your kitten.

I hope you have understood whether better or not.

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How to serve food to your cat in a day

You have to serve a little number of meals in a day. If they feel an appetite, you should give meal quickly.

Furthermore, serving various types of protein meals to your cat with kidney disease. But they may break the routine of meals.

So, do not worry about this. After a few days, everything will be okay. Besides, you must maintain the regularity of serving foods.

If you stop giving food, it may affect your kitten. At the time of kidney disease, you must be careful about the health of your feline. Serve those foods which I have mentioned above.

homemade diet for cats with kidney problems

Vet-approved homemade cat food recipes for kidney disease or homemade diet for cats with kidney problems
Vet-approved homemade cat food recipes for kidney disease

Homemade diet for cats with kidney problems: To know it read this section. Everyone asks a question that is there any dissimilarity Between homemade cat food and commercial kitten food?

The answer is there are not many dissimilarities between them. The cats who suffer from kidney problems require nutritious foods for getting a healthy life.

Actually, every cat needs such kind of food for being good. Furthermore, you can also make this type of food at home.

My friend asked me can I prepare dry or canned food. Of course, you can feed them by preparing them at home.

As well as I suggest you prepare this meal at home. One thing is to keep in mind the diet of homemade food must be healthy.

Otherwise, your kitten will never get any benefits. You will be astonished at knowing that a good diet can progress the capacity to suck up if cats with kidney problems.

I have already told you how will you prepare homemade cat food for your kitten. These are prepared from crucial elements.

These are grains, vegetables, meat, etc. Your diet should be three times. Actually, I want to tell you should feed them in the mornings, at noon, and at night.

You always try to feed them protein foods if the cat has no vitamins or minerals. Above I have told you the process of preparing homemade cat food. Check it.

How to progress your kitten’s quality of life with kidney problems?

For progressing your kitten’s quality of life with kidney problems, you must manage a healthy diet.

For this reason, you should go to the vet and check up on your kitten. Furthermore, you will test the blood of your kitten to whether it is contaminated or not. As a result, you will understand the health condition of your cat. Besides, I will give you some tips that will progress your kitten’s quality of life.

Firstly, select proper meals. If your kitten has kidney problems, you should ignore giving them refined poultry, meat, and canned foods. Because all of these foods may lead to dangerous health problems.

Secondly, remember your kitten should not feel appetite. It is a very crucial matter for diabetics.

Thirdly, when your kitten falls into kidney problems, you should change the diet.

Furthermore, you must serve those meals which are useful for the kitten’s body.

At first, they did not eat. After a few days, they will start eating homemade food.

Fourthly, you should serve them a little amount of food in a day.

Finally, I want to warn you that don’t mix human meals into your kitten’s diet.


I hope you have known 6 Vet-approved homemade cat food recipes for kidney disease.

I have already told you the process of homemade cat food recipes. Follow the above instructions and apply at your home.

Goodbye, everyone. Be on the foodtips24 website for getting the latest updates and follow our Google News and Facebook page.

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