Britney Spears got a stillborn Baby

Britney Spears got a stillborn Baby

Britney Spears tell she has lost her wondering baby at the beginning of her pregnancy.

She and her husband Sam Asghari posted on Instagram and they said that they should have waited until their baby comes. They portioned the info of the stillbirth with our deepest sorrows.

They said that Our love for each other is our power. They also added that destroying time is common for every parent.

This couple said that we will attempt to extend our nice family. Britney Spears expressed an unknown thing she was pregnant last month.

Asghari told her fans earlier this week that the two of them were already married.  Spears said that she was a controversial legal agreement. Now she has been free from it.

They also told that they have already two suns. They are Sean and Jayden. She also reveals her ex-husband's name who is Kevin Federline.