Dheeraj dhoopar baby shower

Dheeraj dhoopar baby shower

 Dheeraj Dhoopar launches a baby shower for his wife Vinny Arora which is really enjoyable. In the picture, we see that the couple is enjoying the baby shower.

Dheeraj Dhoopar and his wife Vinny Arora are preparing for giving welcome their upcoming baby. The couple is very much curious about it. That is why they arranged a baby shower.

For this reason, they have invited their friends and family for enjoying the baby shower. In the picture, we see that they have worn a white dresses. So, they are looking very captivating.

They have uploaded their picture on social media. Dheeraj Dhoopar wore a white jacket, shirt, and pants. On the other hand, Vinny Arora wore a white JAMA. They are preparing to cut the cake.

The couple hopes that they expecting their baby on April 2.  Dheeraj's Kundali Bhagya group come to celebrate the baby shower. They also enjoy very much this shower with the couple.