Goodfellas' star Ray Liotta passed away at 67 age

For knowing more, Please read the full story. In this story, I will tell you when this famous star died.

The famous actor's name is Ray Loitta. But his full name is Raymond Allen Liotta. He is an American popular actor. He was born in New Jersey, United states. He has died on 26 May, 2022.

This actor was in a shootiing which name was the Dominican Republic shooting.  Now a question may come to your mind that which movies's shooting he is doing? The answer is the movie Dangerous Waters.

When he died? This popular actor died at the time of sleeping. Let's know in detail about Ray Loitta. This actor is popular for Goodfellas movie. He performed the role of Henry Hill in the 1990.

He is also the idea maker of the Gangstar movie. This movie was made according to the non-fiction book Wise Guy by Nicholas Pileggi.

This famous actor grew up in other family. Actually, Loitta family have taken the responsibility of this actor at childhood. 

After completing his graduation, he acted role in drama, tv shows. In 1986, he kept role in "Something Wild movie".

The co-star of this movie is Lorraine Bracco. She also expreses her love for Ray Loitta. This famous actor has played an iconic role in Henry Hill movie. Throughout his life, he acted in many movies.

His movie's names are Corrina, Corrina, Cop Land, and The Rat Pack. However, this legend actor has died on 26 May, 2022.