Monkeypox virus symptoms

Monkeypox virus symptoms

A Monkeypox case was recorded in Massachusetts which is a city in the United States. It is not a common disease. The disease first came in Africa

What is Monkeypox?

What is Monkeypox?

Monkeypox is an uncommon disease that originates from the same ancestry as the virus smallpox.

How the disease is transmitted?

The virus was first detected in humans in the Congo in 1970. Monkeypox is transmitted to humans from infected animals such as rats.

What are Monkeypox virus symptoms?

Monkeypox generally starts with flu according to CDC. These are milder than smallpox symptoms. The main symptoms are fatigue, aches, chills, and fever.

How much harmful is monkeypox?

The World Health Organization said this disease is very dangerous for health. But in some cases, people can recover within a week.

The West African clade and the Congo Basin clade are two forms of Monkeypox. The first form is not much danger. But we may die due to the second form.

Is there any vaccine for Monkeypox?

 Yes, there has a vaccine for Monkey Pox. The vaccine that was originally invented for smallpox is also used for monkeypox.

Has monkeypox outbreaks in the US?

Monkeypox cases are very rare in the US. The first Monkeypox case was in Massachusetts in this year.