Being overweight or obese increases cancer risk

Specially it is concern for Alcohol drinkers. For them overweight is very dangerous. Because it helps to increase their cancer. In this story, I will discuss about this.

Excess weight or obesity increases the dangerous results of alcohol on the risk of improving alcohol-related cancers. Especially it hampers the people who have high body fat percentages

A researcher at the University of Sydney told that the people who have high body fate, they should be more careful about the harmful effects of alcohol consumption. Elif Inan-Eroglu said that our findings suggest it.

About 650 million people live with obesity in the world. If they want to reduce their fat, they will easily do it. That's why, what should they do? Actually they have to change little bit their daily life.


Firstly, they should abstain from drinking alcohol. Secondly, when they get up early in the morning, they should do exercise. Thus, their fat will decrease