Rangers defeated  Pittsburgh Penguins

Rangers defeated  Pittsburgh Penguins

A few untimely penalties and a goal difference forced the New York Rangers to a 5-3 win over the Penguins last night and seven games at Madison Square Garden tomorrow night.

After Pence took a 2-0 lead in the first period, Rangers lost by three goals in a row in the second period. The first two came from Mika Gibaneza.

The first was a power-play goal. Evan Rodriguez was caught trying to avenge Rangers defender Ryan Lingren's cross-check.

The second goal came in less than two minutes from Zibanejad. Chris Crader then led the Rangers 3-2. But Evgeny Malkin tied the knot one by one to finish the second episode.

In the third part, Creeder scored late in the game on a winning rebound. Besides Andrew Cop scored a goal with less than a minute left.

Pence head coach Mike Sullivan said that the Pens' speed had improved during the game. But he was not happy with the team's performance.

Brian Boyle left the game due to a body injury. And Sullivan said that he was trying to cope with his mentality.

Either win now or the season will end because both teams will play after 8 pm on Sunday.